01. His job doesn't pay very well, but it is very [secure], so he doesn't really want to give it up.
02. [Security] staff in our building moved quickly to get everyone outside after they received a bomb threat.
03. He works as a [security] guard in a large company, but wants to become a police officer.
04. He has finally [secured] a new, better-paid job with another company.
05. The head negotiator has said that he is confident that they will [secure] a peace agreement by the end of the year.
06. Make sure you [secure] the boat with a good rope or it will float away.
07. My dad joined the navy when he was young because for a person who had not completed high school, the military represented a job with a [secure] future.
08. The police need to improve [security] around the Prime Minister because in the past 4 years people have tried to attack him on two separate occasions.
09. Living in the same home for a long time gives children a sense of [security].
10. She is never jealous because she feels totally [secure] in his love for her.
11. Seatbelts sometimes give motorists a false sense of [security], and may encourage them to take risks.
12. Studies show that women generally look to marriage for [security], while men seek intimacy and emotional support.
13. The threat of force is usually sufficient to [secure] the lawful conduct of most citizens.
14. Married people generally outlive those who remain single, perhaps because marriage provides a more [secure] and stable type of existence.
15. Joseph Wood Krutch once remarked that [security] depends not so much upon how much you have as upon how much you can do without.
16. There is an African proverb which states that silence gives rise to peace, and with peace comes [security].
17. Airport [security] has become extremely tight as a result of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
18. [Secure], relatively high-yielding stocks are called "blue chips", a term taken from the game of poker, where blue chips are more valuable than white or red chips.
19. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that all passengers in the car who are under 16 are properly [secured] with seat belts.
20. Wade Davis remarked that if there is one lesson to be learned from 9/11, it is that power does not translate into [security].
21. Recent attacks by the rebels have led to a heightened sense of [insecurity] in the capital.
22. Due to her [insecurity], she always felt that others were making fun of her.
23. Grant is a little [insecure] about his height and doesn't like to be called 'shorty.'
24. Our [insecurities] often keep us from realizing our full potential.
25. Make sure the babies are [securely] attached in their car seats.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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